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Your child may or may not require treatment immediately. Some children display early signs of minor orthodontic irregularities. In such cases, your orthodontist might choose to monitor the situation over time without providing intervention.

If your child is recommended to see an orthodontist, don’t put it on hold. If you notice issues with your child, such as difficulty chewing, thumb sucking, or even mouth breathing, it is essential that they visit an orthodontist to determine the next best steps in their development. If problems are ignored, treatment options can become more costly, or more time-intensive in the future. The earlier your child sees an orthodontist, the better!

It’s no secret that braces create the perfect smile. Although, the benefits of braces go beyond your child’s appearance. Not only do braces enable a child to love their smile during the years in which their confidence is developing, but braces contribute to oral hygiene. Straight teeth will help your child to chew food more effectively, which prevents problems such as cavities or gum disease. Jaw issues are also monitored and prevented with proper orthodontic care, to ensure that your child grows to have a healthy, happy smile!

The investment in braces is life-changing. Don’t put them off any longer. If your child has not seen an orthodontist, book a free consultation with us today!

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